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Reasons to visit

Make the most of our beautiful secret space. Whether for a peaceful walk in nature, observing wildlife or learning more from the historical people of Bath who've been remembered here with our Social History Trail .


We hope that you appreciate the serenity, reflect on its role as part of the community and respect the important heritage being preserved for future generations. 

Social History Trail

We identified a number of individuals within the grounds whose stories have been brought to life in short videos.


You can watch them on your smart phone by scanning the QR Codes that you find by gravesides as you explore the peaceful surroundings or on your computer at home by following the link below.


Through these personal stories you'll learn more about the social history of Bath.



Circular Walk

Within the cemetery there are numerous paths allowing you to explore its diverse landscape. 


We have built new stone steps and a stile which link the cemetery to Smallcombe Wood, the National Trust's ancient woodland, above the cemetery. This enables a circular walk to be completed from the cemetery, through the wood, returning across the National Trust grass meadows adjacent to the cemetery.


Natural History

The 'secret' setting and garden design provide a variety of habitats for many types of Wildlife. The different rock-types of the memorials are home to over 100 species of lichen.


As you stroll around the paths, you will see that we are encouraging a wild-flower meadow grassland by cutting only twice a year.


National Trust Walk

The cemetery is now accessible from the National Trust Skyline Walk around Bath. The National Trust fields offer spectacular views across the city and enable you to head down the hill into the cemetery, explore the site and follow the trail before heading back towards the woodland or cross the valley back into the city.


Also visit St Marys Cemetery at Henrietta Street

The cemetery at Henrietta Street (BA2 6LY) was the original Georgian cemetery of St Marys. When full, it gave rise for the need of a ’new’ Cemetery and the Smallcombe site was chosen. It also has a fascinating history trail and enchanting atmosphere. Find out more from this website

Facilities on-site

Please be aware that the cemetery is, by its very purpose, a remote location. As part of the preservation of its history, the aim is for there to be as little modern influence as possible. Therefore, facilities on site are limited. Please also bear in mind that the paths can be slippery in wet conditions and monuments may be unstable, and curbstones are potential trip hazards. Mindful that this is still a cemetery regularly visited by relatives of the deceased, dogs should be kept under control.


  • Toilets

  • Parking

  • Refreshments



  • Benches

  • Litter Bins

  • Bins for dogs


  • Toilets

  • Parking

  • Refreshments



  • Benches

  • Bin for dog waste by first gate

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