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165 Years in the Making

The cemetery is in two parts divided by a north/south wall to the right of the main gate. The larger Church of England section was opened in 1855 because the original St Mary's Bathwick cemetery in the city was full. It was designed in the "Garden Cemetery" style with a chapel designed by Thomas Fuller and approached by a sweeping carriage drive.

In 1861 the adjacent Non-Conformist section was opened, run by the Bath Burial Board rather than the Church of England and served by a small octagonal chapel designed by Alfred Goodrich.

No further plots were available after 1988, and the site was rather neglected. By 2013 the decay had become critical and the local community took it upon themselves to raise the funds and put in the work needed to prevent the closure and loss of this inspiring and valuable place.


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2 Main cemetery in 1880s_lo.jpg
1 alt. closer The formal name of the cem
Cemetery History
3 Chapel today, still a grand entrance_l
C of E Chapel
3 Alfred Goodridge's chapel today
Non-Conformist Chapel
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