What's Happening? Want to Help?


Although the council continue with grass cutting, post COVID we want to return to volunteer days. If you have some interest or experience - ideally to help organise these, please get in touch at smallcombegardencemetery@gmail.com

Church of England Chapel

The building, despite its Grade II listing, is in a critical state, and has been for many years. As it is privately owned repairs could not be included with our Heritage Lottery application. Discussions continue with the council and the owner. This video illustrates why it is well worth saving - but time is running out.

Access from Horseshoe Walk

The road has always been privately owned and access rights are as they always have been, but new signs at the entrance do deter some visitors. Access on foot is fine, but there is no facility to park on the road or adjacent to the cemetery. We promote walking to Smallcombe. Please respect the privacy of the farm and the cemetery cottage.



Project Director: Steve Kerss 07968 874173


Please note this website is maintained by and relates to the Friends of Smallcombe Cemetery. Questions about the cemetery and its operation may well be best answered by relevant Church or Council officials.

Rescued by community action with support from these organisations