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Green Landscaping


This is carried out in partnership with B&NES council, the Project’s own landscaping expert, and volunteer labour.

A spring wild-flower survey is undertaken by Bath Natural History Society prior to before grass cutting in July. This informs the grass-management plan. This plan takes into account the nurturing of the wild flora and fauna balance, together with the need for grave access. Grass cutting will generally remain a Council responsibility but with volunteers assisting with the major task of grass clearing. The very popular summer hay raking day, held in 2014 and 2015, attracted community support from volunteers aged from 8 to 80, and will continue as an annual event. Please email if you would like to be part of 2016's event.


Many of the wall boundaries in the grassed area are completely overwhelmed by laurel which has covered and damaged walls, obscured paths and graves, and blocked light, preventing growth of ground cover in many areas. A major task is cutting back and, in some cases, removal of laurel, so that walls can be restored and made safe.

Hay raking Summer 2014

Hay raking Summer 2014

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