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Hi my name is Dide Lucas I am an Organic/Bio-dynamic Gardener I live in Kilmersdon with my daughters and many other animals on a smallholding. I

manage large gardens in the area and have a great love of nature. Some of you may have met me on the January work day when we didsome raking, clearing and pruning. I am looking forward to meeting many more of you and hope that we can further the amazing work already underway at the cemetery. I feel very honoured to have been asked to join the team and will do my best to help continue the work with the integrity the project deserves.

June 19th - Scythe training day (limited numbers book early) We are hoping to use the Austrian Scythe as an aid to our work on creating a small wildflower area and have been very fortunate to be able to book the current Womens Champion Scyther - Andi Rickard. Check out this event if youwant to immerse yourself in the world of scything and see if Andi retains her title

June 26th - Rake and Bale day. This not the big rake day that is your annual raking day but just a day to tidy up and bale the grass we have scythed the week before. I have a small wooden hand cranked baler we will use to make dinky bales. Ideal for compost making or pet bedding/food. I would hope that anyone who gets a place on the Scythe training day would come to this event as well.

July 9th - The Great British Rake Off

Our annual "big one" where we can get all our supportters together for outdoor raking and cake eating


General Instructions

10.00 - 2.00 (but join in for whatever time you can)

I will try and bake something edible for your enjoyment, but please bring your own snacks, waterproofs/sun hat, and gardening gloves.

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