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Our Track Record

Smallcombe is not our first rescue project. Many of the volunteers behind this project are drawn from the group formed in 2004 to run a conservation project similar to Smallcombe, but on a smaller scale.


The cemetery in Henrietta Road was the predecessor churchyard of St Marys Bathwick, and when it became full, it closed, with burials being transferred to Smallcombe. Over decades it fell into disrepair. With the threat of the site being closed to the public, the Friends obtained a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to conserve the cemetery and provide information on its history for visitors. This project was succesfully completed and this beautiful city centre churchyard continues to be maintained for the benefit of all visitors by a dedicated group of volunteer gardeners. 


This group welcomes new volunteers for their monthly Saturday morning get togethers. Please email if you would like to lend a hand.

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